All Testimonials From Artists

I really love this movement and platform. I appreciate all the love and support this platform provides for me and my passion for my music. – Jello Mauri

UFA. UFA. UFA, what can I say.. Wonderful movement for underground female artist’s that are trying to make a name for themselves. Me and Tashaan have been cool for almost 3 years it feels like, and I am glad to be apart of this movement he has going on!! Make sure ya’ll submit.  – Shadarra Lockett (Founder Of Underground Industry)

I think the unsigned female artists movement is genius and I commend the pushers of this movement for being brave and courageous enough to do it. Hip hop since the beginning of its time has been male dominated. It’s difficult being a female hip hop artist and even tougher to get the support that’s needed. But it’s possible and that’s something that I know as a person and as an artist. So naturally, I mess with the UFA movement for knowing the same! My only input on how to move forward is to push the best female emcees and make the hip hop world wonder why they didn’t give us a chance right off the back. Keep eating! #UFA #JayTriiiple #LosersTable – Jay Triiiple

The UFA movement is all positive and all love. Not only do yall post my music but yall interact with me and keep retweeting my music even weeks later. And Yall actually listen, I don’t think bloggers even listen to the music they post anymore because they all about the money in the business and they lose their real love for music. I know you guys do listen because the way you interact with me. I like how the focus is Unsigned female artist because we get the least shine in this game. I feel like people don’t take females seriously in hip-hop and I feel like this movement can become strong enough to change that-.Thank for all the love and support yall show me- Skylar Dreams

I’m extremely happy to know there is a blog that genuinely supports unsigned female artists !! In a male dominated industry female representation is crucial ! There are thousands of talented females across the world that have not been heard yet that need to be !! I’m all for the UFA movement ! I have faith that this brand will expand, prosper and bring needed exposure to women in music !! Thank you for all that you do !! It definitely making a difference!!! – Khature

One of the best movements out right now, all about supporting female artist which is so rare. Its good to see someone recognize talented female artist. #UFAMOVEMENT – SkyHigh

UFA is a powerful movement, especially for women. This is not only a outlet for female artist it’s a lifestyle for them. UFA brings unity and shows a variety of immunity for women. All genre’s of music and all types of women. I love it! – Kokaine Keyz