#Interview W/ @MacSchwaze

 Who is Mac Schwaze? What made you choose that name? It’s very dope. To me Mac Schwaze is an innovator, humble yet very passion artist and a diamond in the rough. Thank You. I honestly originally named myself “Mac Jones” but I felt like I was trying to fit too much into a crowd that […]

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Interview W/ @Royale_Lez

Who is “Royale Lez (Muzik)? The Humble Female MC. What makes her different from other artists? Royale Lez (Muzik) is just a Humble Spirit, Discovering My Musical Niche while trying to spread Love and Self Acceptance. At what age did you start pursuing your music career? I dabbled a bit all throughout my school days, […]

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#Interview W/ @Charnelle_OL

Who is Charnelle? What makes her different from other artists? Charnelle is my middle name. I’m just someone who has loved music since I can remember. I remember being 7 or 8 years old and hearing songs on the radio, and singing my own versions of the hooks. I just knew it then. It was weird […]

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