UFA RLM PROMO PICS4As a Proud Parent, Royale knows what patience, dedication, understanding and loyalty really mean. They are “The Keys” to peace as well as personal/professional success. She’s been in love with hip hop and music since the tender age of 5. Growing up with a father who was an Educator, as well as a Local DJ@WMVP 1290 AM in her younger days, Mind-Blowing Artists such as Anita Baker, LL Cool J, RunDMC, R.Kelly, Sade, Guy, LeVert, Keith Sweat, EPMD, Eric B. & Rakim, K-9 Posse, Public Enemy & BDP,  As Well As a few Classic Rock & Pop acts were ALWAYS in rotation. These same acts serve as major influences in her style and genre of music. Since the age of 10, Royale has been participating in various battlerap contests, expressing her pain, dislike and forced seperation from her big brother, due to the unjust justice system in 1994. From 5th Grade throughout High School and well into her College Life, Royale has always expressed and shown a deep Artist/Producer/DJ/A&R like interest in music. Mainly showcasing her talent as an MC, Wordsmith or Lyricist.  After burying a sibling, grandparents, numerous friends,other family members and a father, she kicked her self motivation tactics into overdrive and tapped into her true potential.  After receiving suitable and satisfying feedback, she vowed to changed the game forever.
“I Just Enjoy Creating Music. Some may like it, some may not. So Be It. I just keep on creating.  A part of Life Is about Dreaming Big, Going Hard Or Going Home. I believe in Taking A Break……Just NEVER Giving Up!  A wise woman once old me, “Be Bold, Be You and no matter what you do,  re member to Be Great”.
VRPMusicGrp Was Created In Loving Memory Of My Father……….Watch Me Work Pops.