Featured Artist: @dewhyalike

DeWHYa (born Latreece Deya Roberts) is an American hip hop rapper, songwriter, and producer. For those who are dedicated to paving a way for female artists to break the cycle of being only placed in the limelight of sex appeal and partial objectivity in modern media, this seasoned indie emcee does just that with dynamic word cadence with passionate delivery […]

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Featured Artist: @Upldemi

Teenage artist that began writing songs about the the struggles encountered in life. She later began to expand my writing abilities with applying wide range of vocabulary in my songs. She talk about things people can relate to while also making you use your brain a little bit to catch on to my play on […]

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Featured Artist: @CHIIMANII

Hailing from Southside Chicago, IL (WoodLawn) comes Female MC CHIIMANII.. Mixing a combination of her favorite Chicago artist with some RNB and Hip Hop beats she produces her own tracks. She also writes them as well. Her main inspiration comes from Eminem, Kanye West and Tupac   you can see she is coming up in the […]

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Featured Artist: @NovaNicole

Growing up in a musical family, a young five-year-old Nova was introduced to the recording studio by her cousin M.I.L.D. Her talent was natural, her energy raw, and her way with words hard to ignore. Knowing what she had, she didn’t waste time. Her talents have taken her from ASCAP showcases in Los Angeles to […]

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