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G-Oracle Artist Bio
The multiple streams of artistic expression leaves very few people without options to embrace G-Oracle. She gives a Lauryn Hill like consciousness to hip hop with a Jean Grae lyrical twist. If that isn’t enough she quotes lines like “When I think about it, it hurts, but my pain turns into something else” inserting the deeply rooted pains of life in a DMX or even XXXtenation vibe. There is a lot behind and within this artist.

Born in Marrero, Louisiana, a metro city outside of New Orleans, she began expressing herself at the age of 9 through poetry. It wasn’t until she hit her teens she discovered a love for Hip-Hop and began writing and recording songs. She gained experience toggling different forms of art by performing in the local poetry scene and being signed to three minor record labels over the course of 8 years. Her content began to mirror the knowledge she gained through her own studies of eastern philosophies, spiritualism and metaphysics. During this time she learned what it means to be a female in HipHop. Changing her desire from wanting to make money, to just being heard, to changing a life. She traded the desire for fame to that of individual purpose. Determined to express what is within her. She has written plays, books, produced her own music since 2014 and has even started to host a series of series on her YouTube channel G-Oracle Presents. There are no limitations in what medium G-Oracle may use with influences like Nicola Tesla and George Washington Carver. She relates herself to a scientist defining and examining what goes on in the mind of everyday people. She infuses concepts of mysticism that may only be found in books like “I and Thou” and “The Alchemist”. Her serious vocal tone and passion for conveying messages not of the third dimension breeds intrigue to how deep the rabbit hole really goes. It’s like the Matrix revisited in real time. Her recent music video for the song “Walk in it” released in early October 2018 depicts the journey she has been on as a spiritual artist. G-Oracle has meaning within meaning in everything surrounding her including her name. She gives a solid breakdown of it and a few choice songs in her YouTube series “Verses” which is consequently the title of her last mixtape released in 2017. Her latest YouTube series “Chained Tongue” gives you spoken word poetry with a twist. In all of her projects a correlating agenda can be found. To simply put it, she just wants you to think. She lives by one guiding principle that truly encapsulates this multifaceted spiritual artist. A message given to her during a meditative state “Mind Changes Life”

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