Featured Artist: @SinlessOrigins

Sinless Origins is a mid-west gem who omits pure energy into any song she creates. Astonishing passion,
stimulating flow, catchy hooks, diverse content and sounds are just a few reasons why she should not only
be in your playlist but one of your new favorite artists. Originally from Columbus, OH and raised in
Chicago, IL she adjusted with valor from one environment to another. From her quaint slow-paced
hometown to the hustle and bustle of the “Windy City”, she is the perfect example of stepping out of your
comfort zone and going from small to big, and that is what she intends to do go from small to BIG.
Sinless claims her biggest goal with her music is to leave an impactful impression on any listener.
Whether, she’s turning you up with nitty gritty trap/drill bangers like “Goonies, slowing you down with
smooth samples and RNB melodies such as, “Westside” or giving you southern inspired anthems to blast
out of your speakers such as, “Loyal Gang”. You are bound to find something in her catalog you can vibe
with on any frequency. In the near future, you can expect visuals, merchandise and of course new music
from this emerging artist. Music that you will want to play from start to finish and then start over again.
(Sinless Origins means to start anew). So, let’s start this journey together from one playback to the next.


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