Featured Artist: @SdLyfe

Like most artist, Stud L’Yfe started out singing on the choir, later emerging to playing drum sets for the church. As time passed music was always a relief, meditation, her stress reliever along with writing poems. Unfortunately, at the age of 14 after leaving Irmo High School in Columbia, Sc relocating back to her hometown Union, Sc Stud L’Yfe dropped out of high school with a loss of family and friends due to death and her sexuality. Life never stopped for her, it started early.. At the age of 16 Stud L’Yfe met a brother of an girlfriend at the time and he influenced her to write a freestyle, never knowing she never stopped and soon begin writing songs also experienced in Graphic Designing and now studying music engineering and producing with her new gadgets. Stud L’Yfe entered the music scene in SC in 2014 struggling to find professionalism and unity. After 4 years Stud L’Yfe has formed her own label SLM(Stud L’Yfe Movement) offering beats, art cover, photography, and music of her own.

Everyone has a struggle. What are you going to do with it? -Stud L’Yfe 


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