Featured Artist: @OfficialShaniB

With lyrics that cut through the beat like a blade,
accompanied by echoes of modern realism in every line,
Shani B. is an authentic breath of fresh air in today’s world
of music. By networking early on in her career with local
artists from her hometown of Boston, the young emcee
was able to build an extensive platform in the inner city.
Following the release of her debut project “Mixed Signals”
in 2016, Shani B. has continued to perform, write, and
collaborate with various artists across different genres,
providing listeners with a versatile landscape from which
to better understand her as a creative.
“It’s nice to create but to create you must be alive. I spend a
lot of time doing things that make me feel so alive I have no
choice but to create.” said the rapper when asked about
writer’s block at a songwriting seminar last year.
Showing no sign of slowing down any time soon, Shani B.
is certainly one to look out for as her laid back yet intense
demeanor continues to draw diverse groups of people to
her music.



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