Featured Artist: @Young_Shoddy

Young  Shoddy A 19-year-old Female Artist on the rise from Philadelphia. Her style clashes intertwined with R&B,   Old school  Hip-Hop, with tomboyish style. Similar style of  “Aaliyah ” but versatility in her music from R&B to  Hip-Hop   her  style makes a unique sound.     She is  making a name for herself bringing a different sound  to the Hip-Hop Scene In 2012 a teacher gave her  an assignment to make a visual or audio project based on things that happened in the past creating Young Shoddy’s  called ” My History”.  Young shoddy received an overwhelming response from all her classmates  the teacher to help record the song. Young Shoddy’s passion thrived more after her first song inspired her to create “Keep Dreaming” that built her fan base and confidence to make music more than a hobby. Everyone drew to her music at school talent shows and assembles for her to perform. Her friends chanted her lyrics gave her that motivation to become Young Shoddy. Never giving up on her dreams her ambition led her to be featured B.E.T for her single “Don’t Be Honest” in 2016 won several awards from the Philly Hip-Hop awards for “Putting in Work”  and We Run The Streets Awards “Junior League Best Mix-tape” & “Microphone Fiend”. Young Shoddy has made so many accomplishments over the last couple of years from being on B.E.T , being recognized by Philadelphia,and graduating high school top of her class her inability to settle led her to major accomplish from her music, education, and willingness to be great. Young Shoddy embarks on a new journey as being a full-time student attending Mansfield University for her Forensic Psychology Degree,working, and pursing her dream as an artist. She is  building a platform and making a way no matter the cost her inevitable grind and passion makes her legendary.




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