Featured Artist: @CheSaraiMusic

Porsche “Chè Sarai” Dorsey was born and raised in Baltimore and other surrounding parts of Maryland. Chè Sarai wrote her first song at the age of 12 and her first rap at 14. She has been rapping for the Lord for about 8 years after recommitting her life to Christ in 2007 at Thomas Tabernacle Holiness Church of God Inc. (TTC) in Frederick, MD. While there, Chè Sarai was groomed under the late Bishop Roger E. Rollins and First Lady Roslin Rollins on how to live a life subject to the Holy Spirit. Chè Sarai took 2 years away from music to secure a relationship with God and returned to writing in 2009. At TTC is where she was first given the opportunity to minister through this medium.

She was runner up at Heart Nation’s 16 Bar Challenge with guest judge Christon Gray and is quickly gaining notoriety within the Christian Hip Hop community.

Recently crowned DMV’s Female Artist of the Year, Chè Sarai is currently relishing in the success of her smash debut mixtape titled “Prinzess Diary :1” which also won Mixtape of the Year. 

Chè Sarai’s thought-provoking lyricism has the precision of a surgeons knife. She is a ticking bomb and her debut mixtape Prinzess Diary: 1 is sure to hold you hostage from the Intro to the last track and back again. 


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