Featured Artist: @PassportSantana

Hey Whats my names Passport Santana. I am a hiphop artist from Houston, Tx  but I currently reside in Las Vegas, Nv. I have been making music consistently for about two years now with my group Rich Soci3ty, which I am in with my two brothers. I like to think I’m a well rounded artist I can make turn up music to music that will get you thinking. I’m Dominican so I drop a little spanish reggaeton from time to time. I recently just started making youtube videos to help get my music a little more notice so all my intros are usually personal songs. I have a couple projects dropping this year including my first big single that I think will get a lot of play this summer so look out for that. Catch me on Instagram rapping to songs that I’m working on and even songs already recorded. IG always gets the first sneak peek. So make sure you guys follow and check me out sometime. Shoutout to Unsigned Female Artists for the opportunity much appreciation and like I always say ” I’m on a mission to grant my wishes so sit back and enjoy the show.”



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