Featured Artist: @Gi_peachez

Donyell “G.I. Peachez” Porter; educated black woman and rap artist on the Cut Throat Comitty, production company label. Donyell was born to the union of the late Mr. Donald Robertson and Ms. Linda Tapp-Porter, and is the little sister of renowned rap pro – the late James “Soulja Slim” Tapp. Peachez, as she is better known as, was educated at the prestigious Xavier Preparatory High School; and is a graduate of Southern University NOLA with a bachelor’s degree in Business Entrepreneurship. Donyell will further her education goals in the near future, but is utilizing the degree in Entrepreneurship to take Cut Throat back to the top where it belongs, after the passing of her brother. As a businesswoman and a rap artist, she can’t and won’t be stopped as a success phenom! G.I. Peachez is the label Cut Throat Comitty’s leading artist, for the production company started by her brother the late Soulja Slim. Peachez began her rap career with the remaking of her brother’s single “I’ll Pay For It”, where she lets ladies know nothing in life is free. She is pursuing the rap world by storm with her “strong independent woman” lyrics, that makes it know that a woman can do what she wants, and sometimes even better than a man! She also has her two mixed tapes – “The Recognition” and “G.I. Fridays – Something Borrowed”; is bursting off the stands with the lyrics that gives you what you need to know from a strong woman’s perspective. Peachez latest single “The Worst”, is bringing it raw to let men know how it’s really the worst when you deal with the wrong man. So watch out, hide your man, and your egos, because Miss Donyell “G.I. Peachez” Porter is on the move; and “y’all ain’t ready for her!”


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