Featured Artist: @dewhyalike

DeWHYa (born Latreece Deya Roberts) is an American hip hop rapper, songwriter, and producer. For those who are dedicated to paving a way for female artists to break the cycle of being only placed in the limelight of sex appeal and partial objectivity in modern media, this seasoned indie emcee does just that with dynamic word cadence with passionate delivery accompanied with vivid song writing techniques that will leave you in awe.Her artist name was cleverly derived from her real middle name, Deya, by emphasizing the letter Y in the middle. Hailing from Lansing, Michigan, DeWHYa has been on a consistent path through the music industry for well over a decade and has been writing since she was a small child. Many of her followers have previously known her as Lady V or Lady Venom; derived from her slick, witty style that permeates grandiose bravado as she demands attention from her audience during performances.

She has performed and opened up in front of the likes of artists like Shawnna & DJ Drama and has been in heavy regular rotation on several indie and online radio stations across the nation from Los Angeles to Harlem. She is Co-Founder of her own indie label entitled 8228 Records, and has released under the imprint, the summer smash single entitled “Eye Might” along with a music video as well as a special edition of her first project “The Art Official Diaries”; all of which are on all platforms online worldwide Her main influences are God, family, and life, and she holds back no punches when it relates to being compared to other artists. In a male dominated genre, she stands strong and holds her own with the best of them and can prove it with her definitive seasoned confidence and flow and does it all gracefully without the use of profane language. “I pave my road with every stone thrown” Those are words from a dedicated artist with the goal of teaching the younger generation the responsibility of our universal language to connect with our spiritual and spread love amongst others for the greater good of humanity. She will be a name to remember in the history of this culture.


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