Featured Artist: @ItsChanelNicole

Chanel Brown (born April 7, 1996), known professionally as Chanel Nicole, is a Chicago-native vocalist, songwriter, lyricist, and audio engineer. Chanel was actually born in Michigan at Lakeland Hospital but raised in so many states like Virginia, Atlanta, Ohio, Iowa, Missouri, and Texas. Ever since the age 4, while discovering her talent in the church, Chanel found her calling—laying angelic vocals. Chanel graduated at Creekside High School in Georgia—where she recorded her very, first song in a professional studio. She is influenced and inspired by many singers, songwriters, engineers,  and even producers such as Eric Bellinger, TimbalandKanye West. Chanel’s influences include Lauryn HillAlicia Keys, Monica, Sade, Brandy, Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, and Mariah Carey. Chanel Nicole is also inspired by lyrical genius, Nicki Minaj— who is not only the greatest woman in hip hop, but speaks for the women as well.

While moving state-to-state, Chanel was on the hunt for discovering new recording studios and even performing at talent shows. Chanel won her first 1st place award at a talent show held at a library in Country Club Hills, Illinois at the age of 12. Not only has she conquered talent show awards, Chanel channeled her talent through rap at the age of 13. That’s right, she wrote her first rap at 13 years old. This amazing phenomenon writes her own music and enjoys freestyle rap and singing as well. She learned to sight-read music in 8th grade and continued up until she graduated high school. After many years of overcoming stage freight, performing live, and recording in studios, Chanel decided to pursue an associate’s degree in audio engineering at SAE Institute of Chicago. This vibrant, upcoming Chicago music star had the honors of working with engineers from Cash Money Records and Konvik Music just to name a few and is grinding everyday to create legendary music. Despite growing up in a household of seven, with a single mother, Chanel has always made music her getaway and is incredibly attacking the field of music. Chanel does not limit herself when it comes to genres as she enjoys R&B, Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop, Pop, Reggae, and even Rock. Check out her Soundcloud and make sure to follow to stay updated on new music: https://soundcloud.com/the-chanel-nicole.


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