Featured Artist: @illvinci_

Female rapper illVinci was born in Austin Texas . Her friends refer to her as the godmother of trap music . Her passion of becoming an artist started as early as 2008 . But it wasn’t until 2015 when she begin to built a collective team named Klvn Records she started to take the music seriously. She went on to create a small project named “ vvl “ which stands for very very late . On that project Vinci state that’s when she found her sound .

The mixtape did very well with streams also received a few blogs reviews local and overseas.

2017 was an amazing year for Vinci she partnered up with wastebois and a few producers like Jake brehh and Mercy and Lite work . Together they created her mixtape “ Another Favor 2 “ featuring another Texas Artist named Ceezz . Another Favor 2 dropped and became her best project yet the fans . The amount love Another Favor 2 received has only motivated her to go bigger and better . Recently in her LIT UP AV interview she mention she has been ghost writing and working with a lot upcoming artists and have had time to set a release date for her next project but promise she going to release some visuals.

IllVinci is currently working on her album and the her documentary to celebrate her 10 years of the rap game.


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