Featured Artist: @NovaNicole

Growing up in a musical family, a young five-year-old Nova was introduced to the recording studio by her cousin M.I.L.D. Her talent was natural, her energy raw, and her way with words hard to ignore. Knowing what she had, she didn’t waste time. Her talents have taken her from ASCAP showcases in Los Angeles to the stage of the Apollo in New York City as well as various venues right at home in Chicago.

In 2017 Nova made a home with Go Getters Entertainment LLC on Hustle & Romance with CEO Paul B. An EP five-songs deep that highlighted Nova working alongside her Go Getters family; Paul B and QC. Now Nova is focused on her latest release, Nova’s Revenge. An EP for fans of Remy Ma and MC Lyte, Nova’s Revenge comes in strong with the title track and holds listeners tight throughout the six cuts until things wrap up with “Everybody Mad.”

Going against the grain, Nova’s Revenge hopes to bring hip-hop fans back to a time before mumble rap was the norm while elevating to the next level. Those interested in reviewing Nova’s Revenge or interviewing Nova herself can reach out via the information provided below.




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