Featured Brand: Mc & Co. NYC

Born as Kimberly McGowan, K.I Mc now 25 years of age is an urban wear designer & stylist that is not only leaving her mark on fashion, but also everyone she encounters. Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, K.I is one of the most charismatic people you will run into with a gritty attitude to match her hometown.

From promoting and hosting local events, collaborating with other creatives, and even being featured in “The Same Difference” Documentary, you can find K.I in a little bit of everything. Recently for the last 4 years, K.I Mc has step into a different role as a C.E.O. and has geared her focus towards her true passion in “Fashion & Entertainment” founding Mc & Co.NYC™. Mc & Co.’s vision is to create a lifestyle brand around a platform in which they combine both “Urban Fashion, Arts and Entertainment,” in “sleek” yet “edgy” way. The company specializes in Unisex (Genderless) Streetwear apparel & gains their inspiration from the “gritty look of Brooklyn, NYC and the chic trends of the fashion world you see today. Their motto is “Daring You To be Different, Defining Your Own Sexy.”

All of their merchandise is “Made To order” ensuring the authenticity and uniqueness of each piece. You can find this company on social media & catch some of your favorite upcoming celebrities,public figures & peers in one of their pieces. Follow them on Instagram @mcconyc and shop online at Mc & Co. NYC


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