#se7venBrandPicks 2018

1. @hoezluvpink is a dope upcoming artists she also a one man machine but started as artists name OG Pinkslips but changed her name to Hoezluvpink she shoots videos very known in the underground also photography edit and direct her own videos and developed her own unique sounded based from Memphis she’s in her own lane

2. @BrionnaChanel a dope upcoming artist from St. Louis very unique with there song approaches and her brand speaks for everything she stands for definitely fresh air for listeners

3. @reecethewolf wolf she a creater does gfx host events for artists all over the world but based in Houston can catch some here events at ( @Networkingsaga ) or her agency #ARJAgency @arjagency to see her latest events and what she got planned for her brand & artist wolf is like female jay z nothing she can’t do also her network @areecejointtv


4. @KlvnRecords the klvn is everything and more from providing opportunities for upcoming producers and artists with the platform they build called “ KlvnBeatz “ giving a lot producers & production a lot of spotlight that is needed and not always seen and some of the best promo you can get in Texas definitely wanna checkout the platform much needed.


5. @banksvisuals She’s a dope upcoming brand & creative photographer coming up from Texas with her own style & everything plus her merch & brand is too unique to underestimate promise you’ll thank us later.


6. @farahneoteric a very amazing artist from “ LA “ under the infamous & talented agency ARJAGENCY @arjagency based in Houston does everything r&b upcoming pop star can do and more has linked with some your favorite celebrities & creatives of today very slept on but we feel her breaking point is coming too soon so much talent how could you ever sleep on this upcoming legend and mogul.

7. @Janae_Inspire the creative & fashion icon is just tearing up everything with her brand nothing like we’ve seen and the quality of the products is everything from accessories to the newest trends with a twist get in tuned and get to learn her & her brand even more.


8. @fuzzrico artist based from up north has everything you can expect and more she can rap sing her concepts and brands speak life into us and we always see her rocking this dope upcoming clothing brand called “ DxxdRich “ that she sponsers we wanna know about them also we love what she brings to the table very diverse.

9. @AsToldByMeagan a very positive force from CT , Has her own brand & events with legendary ideas & culture feel for the people and the underdogs “AsToldByMeagen “ is everything a brand could be and more there nothing she can’t do from her magazine to building platforms for artists & way for others to get seen get connected


10. @imkentheman Another rising Houston Texas artist definitely a new breathe of fresh air for the game got bars the whole 9 she definitely got the image.

11. @DONTASKMAMI can you say the female Kanye of the runways always makeing fashion statement “ Mami “ is a icon and always showing sex appeal and her brand favors everything business & sexuality deserves from her lingerie lines get in tuned with her new selections & upcoming fashion events her agency has the best of the best when it comes to models  make sure you pay attention it’ll be worth the site to see.


12. @Guch_TG Louisiana native, Digging into her story further, it became evident that in music Andrea really is Guchhh, unbothered. No matter the worries of the world she maintains a constant peace. In spite of familial hardships and unfathomable circumstances, GUCH has remained true to her passion.This is one artist in tune with what matters.


14. @Juxxerr Ambitious artist coming from Camden, NJ who goes by the name “JUX” is coming to your speakers with some of the raw talent that goes unrecognized in the music industry today! She expresses the struggle and every day situations from her hood to yours and is also involved in the world wide LGBT community.

15. @KaliKeso multi-talented female artist with a passion for hip-hop, dance, pop and crossover vibes.As a charismatic singer, songwriter, and dancer, Kali managed to combine stunning melodies with infectious grooves and great beats, in order to create a catchy, yet direct and edgy sound. ​

16. @Mtaay_ – Mtaay makes fun rap, her style is hood, fun, but relatable, she just wants to share her music with the world and have fun.

17. @OMGItsBandit E. Bandit takes pride in creating projects that stretch the viewer’s imagination from the calm, comfortable, and normal, to the wild stretches of the human mind.


18. @_ShannBam always interested in making music and listening to music.

19. Starr Statis Grounded, yet goofy, Starr Statis’s music introduces to the world of BEAUTY vs BEAST!

20. @_Lyri_  strong willed female MC that has a vicious flow that everyone can crank and relate to.

21. @DontAshJustPass Houston based line just embracing the cannabis culture were also connected with #freetheweed organization focusing on legalizing marijuana in TX.

Don’t Ash Just Pass

22. @Itsnicolina An artist who blends a combination of genres to create her own unique sound. Incorporating elements from RnB, Hip-Hop, and Jazz, her style and lyrics create an open, fun and inspirational environment for her listeners.

23. @iamtammijean AKA Lady Merk

24. @Ashanti_Major

25. @ChakeetaB Female Lyricist /Femcee and R&B Artist


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