Featured Artist: @adriennelashe

Adrienne LaShe a native of Los Angeles,California is a Singer/Songwriter. Adrienne LaShe graduated from the infamous Crenshaw High School in 2000 and received her Bachelors Degree in 2004 majoring in  Business Administration from California State Dominguez Hills University. Adrienne comes from a musical background so there was no mistake she had the talent and the drive to succeed. Adrienne LaShe’s great grandmother, grandmother and aunt were part of gospel group back in the 60’s called the Charlotte singers. In  2003 Adrienne LaShe was signed with a well known label but when the deal fell through she decided to take another route in Music by creating her own lane. Adrienne LaShe’s single from the 2013 titled “Sex 101”  gained her buzz due to the fact the hook is not only catchy but includes her name which you wont forget after hearing her blow.  In January 2016 Adrienne LaShe released her Album “This Is How I feel” which carries catchy tunes like “Never Been Friends” and In Love With A Girl” among others. The Album is a mix of R&B and pop and the vibe and content can relate to anyone listening.  Adrienne LaShe released her new single in 2018 titled “Friendzone” which shows another reason how this Rnb Diva can carry her own in the industry and it proves she is here to stay.

At the moment Adrienne LaShe is working on her upcoming EP titled “Exposed” due for a 2018 release 

Exposed-Cover Art


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