Featured Brand: 4COMING A.K.A. @400STREETWEAR

Lashawn Coleman, 22 Years Old. From Thibodaux, Louisiana.

Reside in Houston, Texas.

Upcoming clothing line 4COMING better known as 400DEGREEZ-STREETWEAR was

Inspired by the City Of New Orleans and one of its great legendary music labels known as Cash Money Records, was able to create a brand which incorporated both my style of fashion and the city’s. The label itself has birthed some of the most ionic, powerful and extraordinary hip-hop artist such as Lil Wayne, Juvenile, BG, Turk and other great talents. “400DEGREEZ-STREETWEAR” gave me a chance to express my gratitude through both my website and brand. My goal is to become one of the youngest CEO’s who’ll continue to impact other young leaders across the world. Giving a new insight on life I take pride in guiding others to be as create and bold as they can be while incorporating their own uniquely invented styles. Soon others will join in the support in continuing the legacy of many known greats.


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