Featured Artist: Nelly Hendriiix @NellyHendriiix

Nelly Hendriiix was born and raised on the Westside of Baltimore, MD. She was raised by her mother and from an early age her mother instilled in her that she can “do anything you put your mind to” and it stuck. In 2012, Nelly Hendriiix (the Vett Stunna) released 5 mixtapes on datpiff.com. She went on to release 3 more projects under that moniker before changing her name and image in the fall of 2015 to Nelly Hendriiix. In 2016 she release the EP “Sativa” and went on to release a slew of songs and playlists on SoundCloud. The following year she released another EP titled “Make It Or Die” with the lead single and video “Hopeless Romantic” leafing the charge. As of now, Nelly Hendriiix is working on various projects including co-starring in a movie that begins production Spring 2018. Her new mixtape “Mixtape Gawdess: Statement” can be found on SoundCloud and will be released across all major digital platforms later this year. She has performed at Baltimore Fashion Week, in Atlanta’s Gia Studios and all over her hometown, Baltimore City where she currently resides today.

Latest Project

Available Now:

Make It Or Die




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