Featured Artist: S.AE @_ShannBam

It all started when I was younger, growing up I was always interested in making music and listening to music. When I used to be around my friends I would always freestyle, sing, and dance. My friends would look at me and say “man you have talent, you should go do something with it.” My response would always be, “Nope, that’s not me. This is something I do inside, it’s not for everybody to see.” I was never the type to talk in front of people. I was always quiet, and stayed to myself. I wrote my first song when I was 12 and I’ve been writing songs ever since then. As I got older I realized that I wouldn’t be successful if I didn’t step out of that comfort zone. I stepped out of my comfort zone by recording songs and performing in front of large crowds. As of today I just don’t write songs for myself, I write for others as well. Now that I’ve perfected my craft some more, I believe that I can help others perfect theirs.




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