Featured Artist: E. Bandit @OMGItsBandit


Infatuated with the art of lyricism since her childhood, emcee E. Bandit’s earliest memories of music include obsessing over artists’ lyrics, writing them down as she would listen, and reciting them repeatedly until they became second nature to her — a hobby that she feels helped hone her own writing abilities. Born and raised in Roanoke, Virginia, E. Bandit began writing poetry as soon as she could grasp a pencil, creating her first original tune when she was only nine years old. Writing was her creative outlet, where she felt the most comfortable in expressing herself. 

E. Bandit takes pride in creating projects that stretch the viewer’s imagination from the calm, comfortable, and normal, to the wild stretches of the human mind. Her projects distort color and imagery, taking in ominous undertones to complement her lyrics and beats. E. Bandit’s latest EP, BAD NITE III, focuses on E. Bandit’s search for “the light”, or the inner peace with truly understanding herself. This project solidified the chick in the mask as a creative mind who is destined to show the world exactly what she has to offer. 

E. Bandit has started 2018 off by releasing the new single “Ohh Baby”, a song of love and heartbreak that she penned back in 2011 but felt compelled to release in the present. Her growth is ever present in every release she drops. 


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