#Interview W/ @_Lyri_ #Lyri

Who is Lyri and what makes her different from other artists?

Lyri is a strong willed female MC that has a vicious flow that everyone can crank and relate to. If you play my music and play another female rapper from the DMV the difference is clearly displayed.

What are some struggles you deal with as being a music artist?

I would definitely say dealing with the stereotypes that come with being a female artist is a constant struggle, as well as having to work twice as hard to keep up with the males.

When did you start taking your music serious?

 I started taking music seriously when I was in college, in 2011.

Where are you from?

Alexandria, VA. But NOT Alexandria city. I’m from the highway, formally known as Richmond Highway.

Why did you choose to make music? 

I grew up in choirs, my mother had over 100 CD’s and old cassettes, so I was constantly surrounded with music. I started by writing poems and eventually those poems turned into songs. As I got older, certain struggles motivated me to pursue my dream 100%.

How do you create music? Is there a kind of mood that gets you prepared for it?

To be quite honest with you, I smoke a lot of weed due to my anxiety. It just so happens to bring out my most creative mindset.

Who are some of your musical Influences?

This list is gonna seem like the list of some of ya’lls parents, but here’s a few: Nas, Missy, Eve, Cam’ron, Juelz Santana, Lil Wayne (pre-Carter 3) & Trina.

How did you transition yourself into making music and getting other to hear about it? Any strategies?

I’m currently branching out more into the promotion/networking aspect of this music thing; I just like to create. However, twitter and snapchat are my most useful social media tools to inform fans about upcoming projects and to keep a constant social media presence.


Follow Lyri:

Twitter – @_lyri_
IG – lyrithedivine
Snapchat – lyri93
Stream & Download:


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