#Interview W/ @MacSchwaze

 Who is Mac Schwaze? What made you choose that name? It’s very dope.

To me Mac Schwaze is an innovator, humble yet very passion artist and a diamond in the rough.
Thank You. I honestly originally named myself “Mac Jones” but I felt like I was trying to fit too much into a crowd that wasn’t me. When I changed it over to Mac Schwaze that made me feel like I finally was separated from everybody else.
What/When should we expect from your upcoming project?
Okay, for those who don’t know my upcoming project entitled FEAST; coming September. The tape is a mixture of I have to grind to make sure I’m able to eat out here in this cold world to I came up from nothing & we lit.
When did you start getting serious about your music?
I’ve been doing music since I was 12 years old, but what made me start really taking it seriously was not only my peers telling me I have a gift and need to be heard, but I felt like there was/is more than just a regular 9-5 life. With all NY struggles and passion I have the key to make it to the top.
Where can we find your music and upcoming project?
You can find the latest heat by me on SoundCloud,Youtube right now. Once FEAST drop I guarantee i will upload everything on spinrilla,SoundCloud,YouTube,My Mixtapez, Audio Mack & the list goes on.
How would you describe the music scene from Mainstream/Independently?
Its a huge gap to me on the real with the mainstream I really feel like you cant be creative with your work and pretend to be apart of a wave that’s not even your own. Being Independent you have more of a chance to create and maneuver your own platform.


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