Interview W/ @BamBinoatl #Bambino

Who is BamBino? What makes her different from other artists?
BamBino is the “Queen of Rock-Rap” I’m your lil weird cousin, sister , friend, brother, I march to my own drum. Music is my therapy I don’t care how you feeling who you are you can feel me. I’m here to say its ok and youre not the only one. I try to heal with my music. I have all flavors you cant please everybody but the ones I can reach imma keep giving them hope along with good music.
At what age did you start pursuing your music career?
 Who are some of your influences?
Def Outkast Missy Elliot 2 PAC Wiz Khalifa and a host of other genres
How do you record your music, like what puts you in the mood to write and record?
Anything I’m random VERY
Why do you think it’s hard for female artists to make it in a male dominated industry?
Personally, I feel they fear what they don’t understand its an ego thing.
How did you come across “Unsigned Female Artists” if you can remember?
What/Who motivated you to start making music?
    C-Mac my manager, she’s raw unfiltered. I spent racks on equipment just for a hobby she heard what i created at the time and was like take it serious from there my brain was sparked. Growing up my cousin and friends was in music they help me get a behind the scenes look it was a great experience.
When should we be expecting some new music from you?
   Right now I have a new single “BirthdaySong” leading to upcoming album this year. Make sure you go to Souncloud and download that.
If you wouldn’t be making music, what else would you be doing?
Building Fire System Suppression’s I love to build things…. Lol work NASA.
What’s an everyday motto that you go by? What advice would you give other artists wanting to make music?
For now, its you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Keep moving forward 
Twitter:     @BamBinoatl
Instagram:  @BamBInoatl

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