Interview w/ @Humble_Trice

Who is Humble Trice or Trice?

Humble Trice is an upcoming artist who has a never ending passion for music. I attached humble to my name because no matter how much I succeed or accomplish , I still know where I came from and embrace the struggles that has made me the person I am today.

What/Who motivated you to start making music?
A lot of my older cousins rap & I feel that just strengthens the thought that I am suppose to be making music as well. However, I just genuinely grew a passion for writing as early as middle school. I feel like it’s a talent I couldn’t ignore. So god and me are my motivations.
When did you record your first song?
I recorded my first song when I was in the 9th grade to tyga faded instrumental.
Where are you originally from and if you could move anywhere to pursue your music career where would it be?
I am from Baltimore MD, and if I could move anywhere I’d move to Atlanta or LA.
Why do you want to make music?
I make music to express my feelings , my personality & my life. I make music I hope that people can relate to and enjoy/party to as well tho.
Who are your influences?
My sister and lil brothers , lil cousins , best friends & mentor
How can “Unsigned Female Artists” help you with your music?
Unsigned Female Artists helps and can help by supporting and promoting. Since I’m an upcoming solo artist it’s often hard to get a wide variety of support and promotion.
How are you different from other artists male and female?
I feel I am more versatile I’m thought and taste of music. In my spare time I listen to a lot of r&b so I feel that helps me with my flow and riding the beat. I also make turn up song , life songs , sex songs , breakups songs etc. and don’t only try to appeal to one audience. I’ve also wrote a singing verse and a rap verse for two of my friends. Lastly , I’m humble always.



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