#Interview W/ @SomerTime313 (Mz. Infamous)

1. Who is Mz. Infamous? What makes her different from other artists?

My name is Mz. Infamous and I am a 19-year-old rapper from the west side of Detroit, MI. I
think the thing that separates myself from other artists is the fact that I make sure each song tells
a story that everyone can relate to. As an artist I try to paint a mental picture for my listeners so
they get the mindset I have when I write a song.
2. Have you ever faced any challenges during your time in the music industry?

I have faced a few challenges during my music career. Not having a management team or anyone

backing me up at such a young age prepared me to start doing a lot of things on my own, but
balancing music and school was always my major problem. I’m a sophomore at Eastern
Michigan University, and education is very important to me so I sometimes struggle fitting in
recording sessions, rehearsals, and shows into my work and school schedule. The challenge of
time management for my music has gotten easier since I started college last year.
3. At what age did you start pursuing your music career?
I’ve been rapping since I was 14 years old, but I started taking my music career more seriously
when I turned 17. From that point on I created my own independent record label called Young
Rich and On the move Incorporated.
4. How did you come across “Unsigned Female Artists” if you can remember?
I came across “Unsigned Female Artists” through a dear friend of mine. He screenshotted a post
you guys made on Twitter, and I submitted my song “Do Right”. Ever since I hit the submit
button the rest is history.
5. Who are some of your influences?
I have a lot of influences at the top of my list I have Common, A Tribe Called Quest, Kanye
West, Jay-Z, Drake, J. Cole, and P. Diddy. I admire these men not only for their music careers,
but their contemporary views in their music videos, and their business mindsets.
6. How long have you been making music? What are some goals you hope to achieve?
I’ve been making music for about nine years now. At a young age I knew my future would
include music I just never knew exactly how I would include music in my life. I really want to
step foot in the music industry either as a rapper under my label and a major label, or I want to
become an A&R Representative for a well-known Hip-Hop music label, or take my label to a
global standpoint and discover hot new artists across the country.
7.  If you wouldn’t be making music, what else would you be doing?
If I wasn’t making music I can see myself as an A&R Representative. I personally feel like if I
wasn’t making music I would be managing your favorite artists or creating music for them. I can
also see myself as a song writer or possibly a radio personality. My heart and mind just yearns
for a career revolving around the music industry.
8. How do you record your music, like what puts you in the mood to write and record?
Before I record or write any song I analyze what type of music I’m going to make for the day. If
I’m going to make a sentimental type track about a girl I usually listen to Drake, Partynextdoor,
or Bryson Tiller. If I’m going to make a street but lyrical track I usually throw on some old
school Jay-Z, some Doughboyz Cashout, or some J. Cole to get my mind right. Before I record I
always go over my beats to make sure my flow still matches up before I even touch the booth
and I have to have plenty of water.
9. Why do you think it’s hard for female artists to make it in a male dominated industry?
I think it’s hard for female artists to make it in a male dominated music industry because you
really don’t see consistency from majority of our female artists. There are many one hit wonders
in the music industry and the men in our industry usually bounce back and become crowd
favorites. I think because a female rapper is already a tough thing to accept in the industry alone
if we become one hit wonders there’s no turning back.
10. What’s an everyday motto that you go by? What advice would you give other artists wanting to make music?
An everyday motto I go by is “You can’t be liked if don’t like anybody” the music industry is not only based off talent and marketability, but it’s based off the relationships you build with artists, promoters, managers, and DJ’s. If you around here downplaying every person you come in contact with your value goes down. You never know who’s connected to who, and what a simple conversation or business can lead you, so always be mindful about the type of people you surround yourself and always handle business so well that you leave one hell of a good impression on people. Lastly my advice to artists is always stay true to yourself. For one music is supposed to be self-expressive it’s hard for the fans to truly get to know you as an artist if you rapping about having multiple girlfriends and selling drugs, but your image is leading us to believe you’re a faithful Christian man. If that’s not who you are never perpetrate on these songs because it’s hard to sell the public something that you don’t even believe in.
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