#Interview with @IAmLoSquared (Leaux)

Who is LoSquared?

Lo.Squared isn’t Lo.Squared anymore lol. It’s kind of hard to explain but in a sense I’ve grown as an artist & change my stage name to Leaux (which still means Lo twice in French. The “eaux” is Another way of saying “Oh” eaux= “O” sound. Eaux also a suffix used at the end of French or Cajun names or words.) but to actually answer the question lol. Leaux is a 25 year old artist from Chicago.

Why do you want to create music?

I create music for me. & people like me. Who can relate to my music. & things I talk about. I make music as an outlet. Whether I’m happy or I’m sad or I’m indifferent I feel I can express that through my music & 9 times outta 10 there’s someone somewhere who feels the EXACT same way at a point & time in their lives & they can play one of my songs to enhance that emotion.
Who/What influenced you to make music?
I was influenced by my older cousins, my uncle & my dad who were super heavy into music. It was something I was around since birth. My dad & uncle had their own studio & not a little closet studio but a top of the line studio. People would come in all the time to record & I would be right there. Watching them on the boards, producing, making beats, helping someone write. It was just something I had to do. I had to be apart of that world.
If you could work with any major artists, who would it be?
If I could work with ANYONE in the world it’d be Jay-Z & not new Jay-Z but “Reasonable Doubt” or “Blueprint 1 & 2” Jigga. That early, still hungry, still taking over the game Hov. Back when everyone wanted to be apart of the Roc. That nigga is a legend. But new age wise. I want to work with Mick Jenkins or Alex Wiley. Maybe Cole.
At what age did you want to start making music?
I wrote my first verse at 9. It was corny as hell. I rapped it to my dad & uncle & they both gave me the “ohhhh look at you trying to rap” discouraged my little ass lol. Then at 11 I tried again. & that’s when my uncle saw I was serious. So he took me & my younger cousin. & made us into a little group called “Partners In Crime”. Eventually that died down but that drive was still in me. I wanted to be an artist. I had an aunt who was a poet so she continued to nurture that side of my through poetry. At 14 my mom started paying for studio sessions as my form of allowance. & it went from there.

 What separates you from the mainstream and underground artists?

Right now I feel the main 3 things that separate me from mainstream artist are promotion, money, & talent.
Promotion because I lack it. Because I hate it. I feel like I’m spamming because it’s hard to get other people to support your music. Social media helps but only helps so much. If they don’t know you. They don’t really give your music a chance.
Money because I KNOW half these talent-less artist can not be getting on based off of the shit they spitting. So it has to be some financial backing somewhere.
& talent because my generation isn’t really looking for someone who actually has bars or content or artistry. They want the next radio hit or the next club song. My shits not for the radio or the club.

How do you think “Unsigned Female Artists” can help get your music out there?

No gassing or bandwagon shit. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing. UFA has already helped A LOT especially in a male dominated ass industry. Legit. Y’all promote without barriers. No charge & y’all are honest. Like its a lot when someone is willing to support you for your music. I’ve gotten features off of the promotion as well as a lot of fans. So I appreciate the UFA no gas.

Why do you think it’s hard for female artists to control the male dominated industry?

I think it’s hard for females in this industry because male artist get intimidated if a female is better than them. It’s not just with music though it’s with life. Also other woman make it hard for the female artist who AREN’T trying to sell sex. Because it’s seen that the only way a woman can prevail is if she’s popping her pussy on every track. If you’re not someone sexy to look at they don’t want it. The sooner it’s about the actual music & not about what sells the sooner we’d take over. Because I know a bunch of female artist who are killing male artist out here. But get overlooked because niggas hate competition.

How long have you been making music? What are some goals you hope to achieve?

I have been making music consecutively for 7 years. & each year. & With each project I’ve grown more & more into the artist I am today. My next goal is to get on my way. I see so many artist who are getting on in their own rights. From Nipsey to Chance to Mick they’re all playing the game their way. & I want to be amongst those names. Mainstream Labels are overrated as hell now. They’re giving out trash ass deals. Not allowing artist to stick to & enhance the shit that got them noticed & robbing them of their money as well as their artistry at the same time. Independent is the way to go. Create your own buzz. Create your own profits & keep it all.

What’s an everyday motto that you go by? What advice would you give other artists wanting to make music?

Oddly enough my everyday motto is “Not Everyone Like Peaches” weird I know lol. But think about it. Peaches are sought to be a fruit that EVERYONE is supposed to like. So much that they make pies, cobblers, use the flavor in almost everything from pops (Midwest way of saying sodas) to candy. But I can guarantee there’s someone reading this right now that will think to themselves like “hmmmm I actually don’t care for peaches” does that mean the world stops? No. That just proves “Not Everyone Likes Peaches”. So the motto to me means that not everyone is going to like what you do.
That doesn’t mean stop doing what you do. & that also ties into any advice I would give another artist trying to pursue this crazy ass dream so many of us are chasing. Don’t ever get discouraged. You’re going to be told no a million times before you get told yes. Keep fighting. Make the music YOU like don’t allow someone to tell you what other music you should make. & don’t lose who yourself as an artist trying to keep up with the industry. They don’t know what trend they want so create your own.

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