#Interview with @9xChio (Chio Yung)

Who is Chio Yung?

Chio Yung is the 23 year old underdog from Louisiana trying to make a way with music in Houston.

 Why do you want to create music?

Music is an art. It allowed me to escape the thoughts in my head in a positive way. I didn’t know this is what I wanted to do until I was 14 when it became an outlet for me in the form of poems. I grew more interested in writing music when I used a poem as a hook to an instrumental. Fell in love and never looked back since.

 Who/What influenced you to make music?

My cousin @iamcamthenerd was actually who planted the first seeds of the music world for me. His dad OG Stylez was a major underground here in Houston. Growing up it was all around us. I never became interested in recording music until I heard one of Cam’s first tracks.

 If you could work with any major artists, who would it be?

Kevin Gates

 At what age did you want to start making music?

Started writing music at 14, didn’t start recording songs until I was 18.

 What separates you from the mainstream and underground artists?

Honestly the only thing that separates today’s mainstream artist and I, is money. If I had enough bread, I’d be on already just like them. & as far as the differences between me and most of today’s underground artist, I’m not changing for nobody. A lot of underground artist sound exactly like the mainstream. My sound is my sound, I’ll attack the crowds I want. I won’t change to fit in someone else’s though.

How do you think “Unsigned Female Artists” can help get your music out there?

I have personally been introduced to new music and videos by other artist promoted by UFA. I’m sure the cycle doesn’t stop with me. & I like the fact that UFA interacts with the artist and supporters, it spreads faster that way in my opinion.

Why do you think it’s hard for female artists to control the male dominated industry?

I mean it starts with the women currently in the game. If they not pushing to open the door for more of us, it won’t happen. As long as we pretend to be something we’re not just to get signed, it won’t happen.

How long have you been making music? What are some goals you hope to achieve?

I’ve been recording music for about 5 years now, my main goal right now is make sure my first mixtape, Sativa Sober does numbers.

What’s an everyday motto that you go by? What advice would you give other artists wanting to make music?

The motto : patience is key. This isn’t an easy industry to get involved in. Time will never be on your side, but if you really want it – you have to push through it. It will get hard and seem like everything is against you – but you can’t quit.
































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