Introducing: Unsigned Female Artists (Movement)

My name is Tashaan, 18, Male and I started this movement on February 23rd 2013. I started this movement because I got tired of hearing major and mainstream artist. This industry is Male dominated and Females should get as much shine as the men do. I want my Unsigned Female Artists to shine and dominate the music industry because males have been doing it too long. So now its time for the females to shine and run the game.

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34 thoughts on “Introducing: Unsigned Female Artists (Movement)

  1. You are a part of the change and wave of greatness that’s about to happen not only in the female artist community, but in the music industry as a whole! The fact that you felt something wasn’t how it should be and you wanted to make a change, and you used your voice without pause is something that not only is respected, but it is admired.
    Get it girl! ‘Cuz believe it or not, soon your shine will come through this! Thank you for helping making what I do worth it! ❤ ❤

    ~ GB


  2. I Support This Type Of Movement! It’s Not Only Positive But It’s True! We Need Females That’s Strong && Ready To Kick Some Ass In This Industry! It’s Time For A Change & I’m Coming! #TeamRollie


  3. Having a daughter (joie kathos) who i know is a very dope and accomplished plus a polished artist in this male dominated industry, this is greatly appreciated by me and i am sure to say every indie-women in the industry!


  4. I appreciate everything you doing for female artist !!! You tweet all of my music and the music of so many females , Thanks fot the encouragement and the leadership to shine the light on the ones who’ve been left in the dark for so long (female rappers) keep doing what you doin !


  5. Hey tashaan I’m glad you made this movement for the females voices that is in heard of thank you so much
    Love: Ladana Morone


  6. This is GREAT! You have my support and appreciation. Your platform has helped, is helping and will continue to help so many, self included. I salute you for your efforts!


  7. Thanks for the support. For more info on Female Flow you can go to We have over 7 volumes of the Female Flow Music Series out now for free download, Female Flow DVD vol. 1 is also out. Feel free to follow us on twitter/IG @FemaleFlowMusic #2011 #undeniable


  8. The reason why female rappers don’t dominate is that …when one of us get to the top things change we don’t make way for upcoming female rappers like male rappers do is no ones foult but our own is time we let go of the pride and self dominace I support the movement by pushing more female collaborations get back to me at for a collabo with dope female mcees



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