About CEO/Founder

The official date was February 23rd of 2013, a day that may have impacted the underground rap scene in more ways than we think; a day of possible history. With only six months into the movement, UFA has been able to gain a vast amount of popularity through the social media scene with helping artists across the nation gain implements of much needed recognition. Hard work does in fact have the potential to pay off but why does this hard work from the underground female rap scene continue to get overlooked; an ongoing question that forms no legitimate answer. With a confidence that the female artist can dominate the game just as well as the males do Unsigned Female Artisthttps://www.facebook.com/UnsignedFemaleSingersRappers  was designed months before its initial launch into the game. Well who is behind this movement, who took upon themselves to promote in such a dominant manner as this? Well the answer to that question is Tashaan Hunter, who too much surprise is in fact male. Tashaan states that he simply became bored with listening to signed artist polluting the airwaves; “there is more talent within unsigned artists”. Tashaan’s movement can be seen uponhttps://twitter.com/FemaleMusic utilizing resources throughout the day to spread artistry messages; a promotion that is seemingly twenty four hours, seven days out of the week. Personally speaking I feel as though UFA is a much needed contribution where artist’s projects can be streamed through the internet all for the love of their talents. To the naked eye there may be a thin line between Unsigned Female Artist and other sites of the nature but Tashaan vows that his overall goal is recognition for those; unsigned female artist should get what they deserve in this game. The mainstream female rap game seems only to be focused on that “one” artist, outside of that visual none other exist; UFA wants to bring that intriguing visual to the unsigned scene. With that being said UFA feels as if the “Indie” movement has the ability to surpass major record labels due to the fact these major record labels are in promotion of no real long-term talent; a quick turn over seems to the motive of their investments. An obligation has now been formed and Tashaan feels as though there is no backing out from what he has started, this has become is daily agenda; as he grinds to help uplift others grind. The question that he is faced with every day is how these artists would feel if he just walked away; lanes are being created due to his now influence. As he keeps this in mind and in heart UFA has decided to put together a compilation mixtape with artists of all genres. This is only the beginning of many mixtapes to come so if you are not able to be featured on this one, submissions are still being taken for future projects. With an identity that was thought to have been kept a secret from the public, Tashaan and his movement are now heavily within the public’s eye. To be continued…

Credit: EsotericElegance